Socialism for business. Capitalism for people.

This article shows the life that is our protection for miners. But it also, in a general way, shows how workers get screwed, while companies walk away unscathed.

Particularly this shows how companies can just declare bankruptcy, get rid of debt including compensation to workers.

Unseen signs of Cancer

In looking thru other fundraising posts and sites I noticed the most successful requests seem to be either about children or show people in distressing states of damage. We see children way too young to be dealing with Cancer: bald heads, IV poles following the everywhere, courageous smiles, parents tears, tubes seeming to come out of any orifice available, and all filled with Hope current med technology will pull them from the despicable hold of Cancer they fight day in and day out.

I’m a 62 yr, old male with Cancer, diagnosed in 2015, out of the blue as happens so often. Multiple Myeloma, a currently incurable Cancer, though very manageable if caught in time. We have a fundraising page on GoFundMe to help with the incredible expense Cancer carries. Including inability to work; trying to survive on SS disability; praying health or financial disasters stay at bay.

If you see me, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t realize I had MM. In my case what I have is serious, but almost wholly internal. The only external clue is the infusion port in my upper right chest, covered by my clothes. This is only a small sign for others unless I explain to them my MM.

For example: my right shoulder blade has been split by the more than 100 lesions which have infiltrated and eaten my bones as MM is a blood disease residing in the marrow in order to wreak the havoc from it’s out of control Darwinian mutation.

From my Bone Marrow transplant and the chemo used I have heart damage. I am left with app 65% of my former heart function. I’ve been told it’s gone. Kaput forever. Coming from someone who’s life has always been active, I am no longer able to summon the strength and ability once available to me. Frustration as well as hidden from view.

Chemo has also left me with neuropathy. Nerve damage irreversible. So I can walk ( with a cane ) but biking, hiking, athletics are no longer part of life. Neuropathy has also reduced, really stopped, my guitar playing. Fingers are not only weak but have a mind of their own.

Chemo has also depleted the energy I used to propel me thru athletics, marriage, raising kids, working my ass off to support those who depended on me.

There’s other unseen issues only I am aware of regularly. Chronic pain haunts me in every endeavor I undertake. The energy required to fight this in order to do anything can be immense.

The primary effect of all this is my hope for a retirement with energy to play with grandkids has been reduced greatly. All else pales when I ponder this.

I think that’s enough and hope I was able to make the point that not all diseases or stages of disease are immediately obvious.

If you can please consider donating to our cause, Incrementalism does work, and reduces donaters pain while ensuring we can share what we have with others.

Shared Pain is Lessened. Shared Joy is Increased.

Thank you from Sam & Deborah.



Give me time

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Don’t forget to check the Go Fund Me page to help us out. We’re not looking for a house or a car we’re looking for assistance to become more settled so we don’t have to deal with CANCER SUCKS as well as our living situation.

Basic Income

Basic Income

I’ve thought more than I care to figure about money, welfare, rich/poor since we have taken the unexpected hit to our lives due to my Cancer.

One argument against this type of program is that it is a demotivater for folks to work and make their own way. As with anything there is going to be a group, or type of person, who thinks this way.

Question? The large majority of rich, and super rich, inherited their massive wealth. Yet they are not accused of being lazy, non-ambitious, etc.

Just another case where the fault of being poor is paid on individuals and not on a system which replies on having a pool of poorer people they can use.

Cancer. and the damage done

Our Cancer Go Fund Me site

As we get used to, if that’s possible, the routine of managing cancer, the aspect that haunts is the fact our financial problems are not going to go away. I can’t work. Being on a fixed income means as costs go up we can’t increase our finances. The family has been helpful emotionally and spiritually. But bills need paid. Emergencies happen. We need to eat. I read somewhere that you don’t plan on poverty. You sort of dwindle your way into it until you realize I never thought I’d be in this position! I have done the GoFundMe because we are at that point.

It’s the first time ever I have had to ask for financial help other than school loans or when younger. I’m not yet at the point of despair but the future doesn’t seem more than bleak right now. This is not a request for more than we need. It’s a request for having the security so dealing with Cancer isn’t done under the additional stress of wondering about just the basic living needs. And I mean basic. Like the folks in the article we’ve gone through what savings we had. Sold what we could. And learned again to love PBJ with Fritos!

I know these are times where we all struggle to make ends meet and have the life we want. There’s no pretending about that from us. This is all by way of trying to explain our situation, without moaning and groaning cause I hate that!! Just to emphasize:

Shared pain is Lessened. Shared Joy is Increased.

All it takes is a few dollars from a lot of people to make a difference in our lives with as little pain as possible. Incrementalism is a powerful tool when used!!!

Thank to one and all for your time and thoughts.

Cancer and the Damage DoneĀ