There are huge racial disparities in how US police use force – Vox

Another view of the police violence we live with.

take a deep breath..

New Study Says White Police Officers Are Not More Likely To Shoot Minority Suspects : NPR

I haven’t done enough research to fully understand this. It’s just one more aspect of our violent culture that needs to be sorted out.

As usual, a picture to take a breath by…

Trump is self as racist

Though racism amongst politicians is nothing new, what is new is Trump’s unabashed racism. Doesn’t care and doesn’t think it’s racist.

We know one repercussion is the atmosphere is polluted even more. I could ask where the pubs are but I’m sure since it’s the Sabbath they’re all praying their souls out.

‘No shower, no shower!’: Migrants shout as Pence visits Texas detention centers

If anyone is a black hole of outdated and bizarre beliefs and the amazing gift of sucking up to anyone it’s our VP.

Will we ever learn?

Acosta. Epstein. These two 2 scalawags are the types who run or make decisions about our country. Epstein is an oleaginous personality at best, deciding his money and those who benefit from it, live in a world apart. This guy ran a sex trafficking ring. Rumors abound about who visited his mansions. This wasn’t for just anybody. It was for those in the stratospheric echelons of our culture. Those who claim to serve us. But only serve themselves and their ilk.

Epstein knew Trump who of course claims innocence. And yet Trump is participating in a golf tournament in which women are auctioned off to be caddies. And who knows what else.

And Acosta. He may have resigned but his actions in Florida were despicable. He made a plea agreement, secret as it turns out, which gave Epstein basically a place to stay while he could go home and work 12 hrs a day! And most odious of all was that other Epstein victims were NOT told of the sweetheart deal he got. Acosta should be stripped of any right to practice law of any sort.

What’s most distressing is these people are incapable of understanding, much less seeing the damage done. They protect these ethical morons cause once you make it all the way too the top that’s how the game is played. And apparently the game is more important than the reasons if they can still recall them, they began it all in the first place.

Think about it. We live in a supposed modern world, in which the rule of law applies to all, and we have people in the US who run sex trafficking rings for those who are supposed to protect us from those people.

If only to be the Red Queen in Wonderland. Off with their heads!!

the BIG deal?

the Big Deal?

It’s taken me a time to let the anger, despair, amazement, shock at how the Kavanaugh drama played out. So finally….

It showed in all it’s sordid glory and self serving sound bites, as well as the PUBLICANS fear of trump and the alternative country he’s sold everyone, how our ‘democratic’ system works. Haley’s the only one who gets it: term limits. There’s more but that’ll come later. We’ve seen the ‘way’ our rights are preserved, protected.

To me there’s a FAR bigger issue here. It only concerns Kavanaugh on the edges. It’s esp. disconcerting because it spewed from the mouth of someone should know better. Esp. when it comes to sexual abuse, terror, fear, powerlessness.

That issue is how Murkowski followed in the footsteps of ALL those men who supposedly represent us. They only represent the patriarchal umbrella we all live under. Murkowski is an example of how women, in order to survive and thrive, have to adopt cultural norms which are humanitarian we are assured. Yet when you kick that rock out of the way, what scampers, crawls, slithers away is hard to recognize as human, even as we are told things are changing. Just be patient. Hmmm. Sounds familiar to some of you I’m sure.

The issue is how Murkowski was able to so definitively say she believed something happened to Ford but it was another incident. ??? That’s what the PUBS said. A convenient way to ‘appear feminist’. ??? You can’t have it both ways! How can anyone KNOW another’s experience in these cases, hard as they are to fathom.

In a quick, short sentence they – McConnell, Graham, Flake – have managed to discount Ford’s experience, without even being there. At the same time showing their understanding of an issue which they, I think is safe to say, would have been the Kavanaugh, not the Ford.

More later. In meantime, donate if you can. We’re going to a MM symposium this weekend. Hopefully something will come out of it!


Shared Pain is Lessened
Shared Joy Increased


Trump claims Men are at a time that is scary, dangerous. A man can be accused of assault true or not. Of course Trump is of the generation and class that sees others, esp. women, as use and throw away items. So of course they are scared, fearful cause their history carries same kind of actions they now have to deny. 40 yrs ago we all looked the other way. All except Men and Women who were sick and tired of playing a game that reduced folks with fear and intimidation.

But men have nothing to fear. Part of the answer is quite simple. As long as men treat others as equal and with respect we will be fine. Last I heard respect was not a limited quantity. Equality is part of this country’s blood.

The more difficult issue is patriarchy. I think men have to be parents. Not on weekends but changing diapers. Wiping up puke. Leaving work for apts. Men need to be caregivers and we need to allow them.

Men need to learn respect for others. And learn it from other men. Not only women.

Ultimately add long as we live under patriarchal rule we will suffer the consequences. As long as we play around the edges and pretend things can and do and have changed well keep getting what we deserve. What’s that?

A system where someone like Trump represents us.