Admit it. Government support is needed for public projects.

Government support for private sector is not Socialism. We have little to fear when Gov partners with private sector to get things done the private sector could not do. These projects are NOT Socialism. They are, and have been for years, part of our History. Internet. Interstate. Space. Military. Water. Partnering is the only way these ideas come to fruition so we all benefit.

The real dark side is that we, taxpayers pay for the programs. But once done the private sector reaps the dollars. The Web was developed via R&D paid for by our tax dollars. We all benefit from this, but it’s the Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, Apples who become wealthy on the backs of taxpayers. Trucking is another case. The interstate was built for defense. But now trucking companies have use of this extensive road system maintained in part by our tax dollars.

This sort of partnership is Democratic Socialism. It works. Has worked and can work. It is NOT Socialist/Communist.

It should not be feared. What should be feared is when we are so scared of the word Socialism, we give in to that fear and add to the paralysis which has become prevalent.

Guilt by association can come back to haunt

I certainly can make no claim to knowing about this. Only that accusations against Epstein have followed him for years. And a few of these connections are known for their own behavior, Sleazy at best. Salacious in truth.

Nathan Bedford Forrest as hero?

Another politician days it’s not my fault and passes the buck. And I thought my spine was a wreck!

Do we have a coherent World view anymore?

I heard an interesting interview on NPR this morning.

Thesis was: it wasn’t that long ago collective info came to us from fewer sources than now. Though there was disagreement about who the info served our if it was fair and complete, in general it was delivered by organizations and people we knew and trusted. And relevant to this thesis, the fewer sources meant instead of creating division and anxiety, we had a common center around which to evolve, leading to hopefully better governing.

Now the world of information is fractured by the multitudes of platforms we use. This allows anyone too say anything from anywhere about whatever they choose.

Now as individuals we have to, if we can, assimilate this info, determine where truth lies, before we can integrate it into a coherent World view.

One result is we now have a cornucopia of views, a cacophony of voices shooting at us to believe them or get chastised.

The past, I believe was much the same as now, but now finding common belief has reduced us to arguing, instead of leading FOR us common folks.

Governing has fallen by the wayside as people argue about the multitudes of ideas, instead of looking at the common ground and answering those solutions.

Trump is self as racist

Though racism amongst politicians is nothing new, what is new is Trump’s unabashed racism. Doesn’t care and doesn’t think it’s racist.

We know one repercussion is the atmosphere is polluted even more. I could ask where the pubs are but I’m sure since it’s the Sabbath they’re all praying their souls out.

NYTimes: Jeffrey Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Powerful Welcomed Him Anyway.

Jeffrey Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Powerful Welcomed Him Anyway.

‘No shower, no shower!’: Migrants shout as Pence visits Texas detention centers

If anyone is a black hole of outdated and bizarre beliefs and the amazing gift of sucking up to anyone it’s our VP.

Will we ever learn?

Acosta. Epstein. These two 2 scalawags are the types who run or make decisions about our country. Epstein is an oleaginous personality at best, deciding his money and those who benefit from it, live in a world apart. This guy ran a sex trafficking ring. Rumors abound about who visited his mansions. This wasn’t for just anybody. It was for those in the stratospheric echelons of our culture. Those who claim to serve us. But only serve themselves and their ilk.

Epstein knew Trump who of course claims innocence. And yet Trump is participating in a golf tournament in which women are auctioned off to be caddies. And who knows what else.

And Acosta. He may have resigned but his actions in Florida were despicable. He made a plea agreement, secret as it turns out, which gave Epstein basically a place to stay while he could go home and work 12 hrs a day! And most odious of all was that other Epstein victims were NOT told of the sweetheart deal he got. Acosta should be stripped of any right to practice law of any sort.

What’s most distressing is these people are incapable of understanding, much less seeing the damage done. They protect these ethical morons cause once you make it all the way too the top that’s how the game is played. And apparently the game is more important than the reasons if they can still recall them, they began it all in the first place.

Think about it. We live in a supposed modern world, in which the rule of law applies to all, and we have people in the US who run sex trafficking rings for those who are supposed to protect us from those people.

If only to be the Red Queen in Wonderland. Off with their heads!!

Photographic examples to support fundraising