Trump claims Men are at a time that is scary, dangerous. A man can be accused of assault true or not. Of course Trump is of the generation and class that sees others, esp. women, as use and throw away items. So of course they are scared, fearful cause their history carries same kind of actions they now have to deny. 40 yrs ago we all looked the other way. All except Men and Women who were sick and tired of playing a game that reduced folks with fear and intimidation.

But men have nothing to fear. Part of the answer is quite simple. As long as men treat others as equal and with respect we will be fine. Last I heard respect was not a limited quantity. Equality is part of this country’s blood.

The more difficult issue is patriarchy. I think men have to be parents. Not on weekends but changing diapers. Wiping up puke. Leaving work for apts. Men need to be caregivers and we need to allow them.

Men need to learn respect for others. And learn it from other men. Not only women.

Ultimately add long as we live under patriarchal rule we will suffer the consequences. As long as we play around the edges and pretend things can and do and have changed well keep getting what we deserve. What’s that?

A system where someone like Trump represents us.

Five myths about genius – The Washington Post

8 Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life

We could all learn something from this. Esp in our get it all done now world.

A little at a time

Bernie’s health plan would cost 37 trillion. So we all say it can’t be done. That’s the problem. We want to fix it all at once instead of working on these issues incrementally as they arrive. Doing a little over time spreads the pain across the board so we share it and we can all adjust.

That’s the problem: We want either to avoid issues so we can get reelected which is more important than governance.

Cancer. and the damage done

Our Cancer Go Fund Me site

As we get used to, if that’s possible, the routine of managing cancer, the aspect that haunts is the fact our financial problems are not going to go away. I can’t work. Being on a fixed income means as costs go up we can’t increase our finances. The family has been helpful emotionally and spiritually. But bills need paid. Emergencies happen. We need to eat. I read somewhere that you don’t plan on poverty. You sort of dwindle your way into it until you realize I never thought I’d be in this position! I have done the GoFundMe because we are at that point.

It’s the first time ever I have had to ask for financial help other than school loans or when younger. I’m not yet at the point of despair but the future doesn’t seem more than bleak right now. This is not a request for more than we need. It’s a request for having the security so dealing with Cancer isn’t done under the additional stress of wondering about just the basic living needs. And I mean basic. Like the folks in the article we’ve gone through what savings we had. Sold what we could. And learned again to love PBJ with Fritos!

I know these are times where we all struggle to make ends meet and have the life we want. There’s no pretending about that from us. This is all by way of trying to explain our situation, without moaning and groaning cause I hate that!! Just to emphasize:

Shared pain is Lessened. Shared Joy is Increased.

All it takes is a few dollars from a lot of people to make a difference in our lives with as little pain as possible. Incrementalism is a powerful tool when used!!!

Thank to one and all for your time and thoughts.

Cancer and the Damage DoneĀ